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Last updated: February 26, 2014

Via our websit, we matches its funding participants (to whom we refer as "lenders") with prospective borrowers, who are small business entrepreneurs in low-income countries. We work to improve access to affordable business financing for disadvantaged entrepreneurs, while making available information on borrowers' businesses and credit histories to allow each lender to choose which entrepreneurs receive the funds that lender provides.

The loans offered through us are unsecured and would be considered high risk by traditional financial institutions. In addition, we are under no obligation to return all or a portion of the funds provided by any lender. Accordingly, participating in loans provided by us is intended to be a philanthropic rather than an investment activity. Website users should lend only amounts that they can afford to lose in the case of borrower default.

We as a nonprofit organization responsible only for maintaining the website. We are not a financial institution, and is not responsible for assessing credit risk of borrowers, enforcing repayment, or guaranteeing repayment of loans posted on its website. Lenders participate in the loans provided to borrowers at the lenders' own risk, based on their own assessment of prospective borrowers' profiles posted on the site.

Lenders accept the risk of loss in whole or in part of funds lent to borrowers. Risks include but are not limited to political and economic instability, currency fluctuations, and the unpredictability inherent in entrepreneurial endeavors.

By using the this website, you hereby understand and agree to the following:

1. We are not a bank or other financial institution or investment adviser, broker or dealer. We make no guarantee or representation that funds lent through its website will be repaid to lenders, regardless of whether the loans financed with lender funds are repaid to us. Any cash payouts are promotional gifts offered solely at our discretion.

2. We are not responsible or liable for any incorrect information posted on its website, or for losses or damages resulting from such information. Other than credit histories and repayment performance, neither us nor any of the local financial institutions or credit bureaus with which w works has verified any of the information that borrowers post on thiss website. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any such information.

3. Loans posted for financing through the this website are unsecured and bear high risk of non-repayment. We are not responsible for any financial losses resulting from use of its website.

4. Lenders residing outside the United States may only withdraw funds from their accounts via PayPal. Lenders residing outside the United States who are not able to receive PayPal transfers will not be able to withdraw funds from their lender accounts.

5. Loan amounts are fixed in local currency at the time of disbursement. Currency exchange rate fluctuations may cause reductions in the dollar values of the loans over the course of the repayment period, causing lenders to lose money even if the loan is fully repaid.

6. Borrowers may modify their repayment schedules within the parameters set by us at the borrowers' own initiative, and without the consent of lenders.

7. Funds uploads to lender accounts should not be treated as tax-deductible charitable contributions. It is the responsibility of website users to report and pay any applicable taxes on any cash payouts received from us.

8. In the event that a lender does not log in to his or her lender account for over one year, We will attempt to contact the aforementioned lender using the email address registered with his or her lender account. If we do not receive a response from the lender within one month from the date of the first contact attempt, the balance of lender funds that have been credited to that account will automatically convert to an unrestricted donation to us. Lenders whose expired accounts have converted to donations may reverse this conversion at any time by sending a written or email request to us. Upon receipt of such a request, we will credit the lender balance that had been converted to a donation back to the lender's account.

This Terms of Use Agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Virginia, USA. The Agreement will remain in effect as long as you use this website, are participating in any outstanding loan or have any amount credited to your funded balance with us.

We reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the website or to modify these Terms of Use, at any time and without prior notice. If we modify these Terms of Use, we will update the “Last Updated” date at the top of these Terms of Use. By continuing to access or use the website or our services after we have posted a modification on the website or on these Terms of Use, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms of Use. If the modified Terms of Use are not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to cease using the website and our services.

Important Note: We are a nonprofit organization engaged in the facilitation of microfinance lending to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our primary purpose is to provide financial aid in the form of loans. We believe that its lending model fosters a sense of responsibility and success for borrowers who repay their loans. The principal purpose of our lenders in funding loans is to improve the lives of these entrepreneurs, and not to make a profitable financial investment. Lending to entrepreneurs through us involves a meaningful risk of loss of your principal lent. In addition, you are very likely to lose money in real terms on any loan you fund, even if it is repaid by the borrower, as a result of currency exchange rate changes, PayPal fees applied to uploading credit to your lender account, inflation and other factors affecting the value of principal and interest payments made by a borrower. Accordingly, we recommend that you consider lending through us to be a philanthropic activity, and you should not lend more money through us than you are prepared to lose.

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